Enrichment Programs

We may be filled with young students but we offer a whole lot!

In addition to religion taught to all of our students, we also provide Technology, Art, Music and Physical Education class for all students and Spanish for our Kindergarten, Pre-Kindergarten and Preschool students!



Mr. Luke – Physical Education Teacher


“More than 90% of a person’s brain is formed by age 5, making regular physical activity an integral part in helping children grow, thrive and learn. Research shows physical education enhances learning capacity, memory, attention, decision making, and multitasking capability. And….OLB physical education is just plain FUN!”





Miss Amy – Art Teacher


“By talking about an artist, artwork, medium and/or an event we include connections to history, math, science and language arts. Art also helps the brain remember information in another way. Art challenges us to think about the world around us through kinetic experiences as well as improve fine motor skills and express emotions and develop positive self esteem and efficacy.”





Miss Courtney – Spanish Teacher


“Religion in the kindergarten year sets the foundation for continued faith formation and life in the Church. At OLB, we give students a comprehensive religious education encompassing all aspects of the rich Catholic tradition. We learn about the holy sacrifice of the Mass and the liturgical seasons, the lives of the Saints as our models in faith, the stories of the Bible, our role as a part of God’s family and the basis of personal prayer and a relationship with God our Father. “Children’s brains are made to absorb information, and during the early childhood years they have a particular affinity for language. Our Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten OLBers have the opportunity to learn the basics of Spanish language and culture. Through call and response, movement, writing and coloring, songs, and even technology, our students are learning to speak in another language about the objects and people they see and use every day. Our Technology room has gone through a transformation and is now a more functional, ergonomic and kid friendly environment! With the use of Tablets, Smartboards and computers, children at Our Lady of Bethlehem can effectively learn by using a variety of techniques and develop skills such as cognitive math and language.”


Miss Janelle – Library Teacher to PreK and K


“We have just implemented a new library system! We are very excited to teach our students more about how a library works and how to search for books just like at their local library. Language plays a critical role in all of children’s learning. Literacy learning develops strong oral vocabulary and awareness of the structure, or grammar of books. Reading also helps children hear sounds in words and put together words in meaningful ways.”





Miss Kelsey – Music Teacher

“Music is essential in the early development of young children.  While they sing, dance, and play, they are learning important skills that will aid them for life.  While children sing, they are building connections to words, which aids with the development of their vocabulary and speaking skills.  While they dance and move to music, they are not only building expressive connections to music and movement, but they are developing their motor skills.  As mothers sing to their child to help them sleep, children sing as a class to help relieve stress.  Music also encourages creativity, as students are encouraged to form their own opinions and make their own decisions.  Any child can benefit from music, no matter what age.  Infants listen to the melody of the song, and may even try to respond!  Toddlers, while still developing their speaking and singing abilities, love to show their enthusiasm in movement and dance.  Preschoolers begin to develop an interest in singing, and are ready to let the world know!  As children enter Kindergarten and beyond, they are intrigued by the puzzles and intricacies found in music.  As they grow, they learn and build upon all of these skills.  No matter the age, music is beneficial to all children.”