Our Lady of Bethlehem School and Childcare (OLB) is a participating private school provider under the EdChoice Scholarship Program.


Our Kindergarten offers an advanced year of academic, social and emotional growth. This curriculum was developed by the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus and affords students the opportunity to excel in all Ohio Department of Education standards.

Learning the common core standards in the morning and reinforcing what was learned in the afternoons, our kindergarten program will help your child flourish in reading, writing and mathematics. We work in small groups to help those that need it or to challenge students. Kindergarten focuses a lot on literacy and differentiation in order to teach students to their potential. We do guided reading daily, as well as learning to read and write independently are just a few things our kindergarten students do to stand atop the rest.

Children who reach the age of 5 by September 30 are eligible to participate in either a half-day or full-day program.

Complete and submit a Registration and Application to Mr. Chris at

Our Half-Day K is offered Monday – Friday from 8:45am – 12pm (noon)

Our Full-Day K is offered Monday-Friday from 8:45am – 3:00pm

Spiritually Nourishing – Kindergarten at OLB has unparalleled religious instruction where students participate in weekly celebration of the Mass. Their guidance and discipline is rooted in faith-based principles.

Academically Enriching – Our Comprehensive curriculum with rigorous focus on reading and math, explicit instruction in art, physical education, Spanish and prevailing technological tools. We have robust and varied instructional and assessment practices with quarterly Star Renaissance diagnostics and yearly Terra Nova standardized testing.

Emotionally Nurturing – Each child is respected as individual, unique people of God. Students are consistently challenged to transcend expectations. They are called upon to be accountable, responsible and devoted people who are fostered to demonstrate confident, caring and independent choices.

Our Kindergarten students are always happy and thriving as they are given a strong, loving start to a lifetime of success.

  • Click HERE to view our Kindergarten Information Session, recorded November 2020.


Jenna Yanko – Teacher

Colette Kowalski – Co-Teacher

Lauren Inzitari – Aide

Jenny Jewell – Student Teacher