A Letter from Our Family to Yours

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in Our Lady of Bethlehem School and Childcare. We know your first priority as a parent is to find a loving and safe environment as well as a strong spiritual and academic beginning for your young child. We believe Our Lady of Bethlehem is that place.

Our Lady of Bethlehem is a private, Catholic school and childcare, but our students come from diverse beginnings and histories. This creates excellent social experiences to which all can contribute, and the individuality of each child and family comes together to form a strong community of caring and service.

Our beautiful campus reflects our history. As you walk the grounds and tour the classrooms, you will see the care and detail the faculty, staff and families have taken to ensure your child’s comfort and happiness. We are extremely vested in our students’ well-being and look forward to seeing them each and every day. Their presence and happiness truly matter to us.

Our curriculum encourages high academic achievement and instills exemplary morals and values. When children feel secure and enjoy learning, they become more eager and excited to learn and blossom as a child of God.

Our Lady of Bethlehem also offers loving and attentive childcare with full- and part-time options for parents. A fun-filled and extensive summer program is also available for families.

As you make the very important decision of where to send your child for early education, we invite you to learn more about Our Lady of Bethlehem. This beautiful and loving place, steeped in tradition, guided by faith and grounded in strong educational standards, is a wonderful foundation for a child’s future. We would be honored to have your child and your family share in the blessings of the Our Lady of Bethlehem community.


Our Lady of Bethlehem Staff