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  • “When we were searching for care for our then infant daughter, Lucy, we toured a number of facilities.  Some were shiny and new, while others were worn down. Some were giant and filled with hundreds of kids and some had just a handful.  Each one had its pros and cons, but it was only at Our Lady of Bethlehem that we felt at home. When we toured the facility there was just a feeling of caring around everyone that we met.  And it was nice that everyone knew everyone in the building even if they were not assigned to care for that particular child.As Lucy matriculated through the classes at OLB, we added Violet to our family and it was natural that she 20160330_143815000_iOSwould follow in her sister’s footsteps.  She was a very fussy and particular infant and the staff in the infant room showed her love no matter what her temperament on any given day.  And she is still particularly attached to her infant and toddler teachers to this day.Just last year we had the difficult decision on whether to continue into kindergarten at OLB for Lucy or to switch to St. Andrew where she will go to grade school.  It seemed natural for her to stay at OLB since she’s been attending here since she was 16 months old and she has so many friends and teachers that care for her.  But, we did our due diligence and checked out other schools as well.  Although we know that Lucy will thrive at St. Andrew next year, we are so happy that we decided to keep her at OLB for kindergarten.  The transition from pre-K to K is difficult due to the classroom time increasing and adding in home assignments.  So, having a constant community around her to support her was great.  She has grown and thrived academically, socially and emotionally.  And, she really has enjoyed finally being the “big kid” at OLB and being able to help out and mentor the younger OLBers, including her sister, Violet.Making the decision in 2012 to fill out the registration forms for OLB was one of the best decisions we have made for our family.  We look forward to many more years as part of the OLB family”.  – The McDaniel Family
  • “When we were faced with the difficult decision of where to send our daughter for Kindergarten, many factors came into play. We decided to keep her at OLB because their staff is like an extension of our family.  They genuinely care about our kids and routinely ask about things outside of school.  The class sizes are small so our child receives the attention she needs.  The academic standards are high at the school and they challenge the students to become their best.  Along with the academics, OLB instills a high moral value in their students.  They not only learn about the Catholic church but are taught how to live that life as well.  Another plus is the full day Kindergarten program works seamlessly with the 20170123_194030432_iOSbefore and after school child care offered.  Finally, while she was in Pre-K she always looked up to the Kindergarteners and now she gets to be the “big kid” on campus.  Our daughter has become a sweet and caring young girl who communicates her feelings well and I have OLB to thank for that.  Where your child attends Kindergarten is a tough decision, but in the end, we decided OLB was the best choice for our child.  Not once, since we made that choice, have we regretted it and we would make the same choice if we had to do it over again”. – The Watson Family
  • “Our Lady of Bethlehem School has been a tremendous blessing to not just our Kindergarten daughter but to our entire family as well.   We truly feel Mary is attending the best Kindergarten in all of Columbus.  The education she is receiving here is truly second to none!The high academic standards to which OLB holds is students is well recognized around the diocese amongst educators and parents alike.  However, the real secret to OLB’s success is rooted in something much more deep.  OLB’s approach doesn’t just prepare children for academic success, it prepares them for success in life by instilling in them a desire to live a life of virtue.  The teachers and staff do an incredible job of consistently and lovingly guiding the children’s behavior by pointing to our Catholic, Christian morals and ideals and training them to want to do what is right out of a desire to please God and those around them, not out of fear or shame.  The children are constantly told that they are special children of God and are loved as part of a family.  This has been evident in our daughter, as we have seen her confidence in her abilities and self-esteem grow tremendously during her time here. When Mary arrives home after a long day at school she is often tired due to all of the numerous, engaging activities but she is always smiling and excited to share something she learned or some great thing she is proud of having accomplished.  We have seen such tremendous growth in our daughter as a result of her time at OLB and are confident that the life education Mary is receiving here will serve her well during her elementary years.  Every day, when we drop her off at school, we say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the opportunity to send her to Our Lady of Bethlehem.  There is no place we would rather her be than here at OLB!” – The Jaminet Family
  • “Our Lady of Bethlehem is a true treasure up on the hill, we knew this from the first open house we attended. It was the place for our family. As our family grew and our kids got older, we were faced with a big decision, Kindergarten! We asked ourselves, should we stay or should we go? Our oldest attended OLB from 2.5 years of age through the completion of full day Kindergarten, attending every program along the way. It made sense for us to continue the tradition with our daughter, but our son already transitioned to first grade. This left us with a tough decision, should she transition to Kindergarten at her brother’s new school or should we remain OLBers? This mom of three spent many hours weighing the pros and cons of staying or leaving OLB after Pre-K for our daughter. Ultimately , the pros won,  this mom’s heart said to stay, and I haven’t regretted it. Our daughter, turned five in September and has attended half day Kindergarten, she is growing leaps and bounds. She is reading, writing, word sorting, attending mass weekly, and growing closer to our Lord. In February, she will finish the rest of the year as a full day Kindergartener. She will spend her afternoons, reading and writing two more hours a day, ensuring her readiness for first grade and her transition from OLB to her brother’s school.  I am confident OLB has laid a solid foundation in my children for a lifetime of learning, success, and love for our Lord. I attribute that to our decision to enroll our children at OLB and to keep our children at OLB though Kindergarten. We are fortunate for the true treasure OLB is and has been for sixty years!”                    The Taylor Family 


  • “We feel incredibly fortunate that Our Lady of Bethlehem has been part of our daughter Gabrielle’s life.  Gabby started in the infant room when she was 9 months old.  Having stayed in our home prior, we of course were very apprehensive about selecting a 20141003_163547_Android - Copy (2)childcare program.  OLB was exactly what we were looking for.  The small class size, strong curriculum and programming, compassionate and caring teachers and staff, and most importantly the rich Catholic education offered made us fall in love with the OLB community.  She has shined during her time at OLB mastering crawling and walking, learning to be part of a group, making new friends, developing her social skills, and so much more.  We know she is the bright little girl she is today thanks to her OLB experience and we look forward to continuing to watch her grow and flourish as a student at OLB.  We are so grateful that the values that are important to our family are instilled at OLB.    We can’t thank the teachers and staff enough for the care, attention, and support they show our daughter each and everyday!” – Culbertson Family


  • “We found OLB after a friend recommended its preschool program to us. OLB had just opened its infant and toddler program and we were excited about the opportunity to start our son in the new program. When our daughter was born last year, the decision to enroll her at OLB was a no-brainer. In the three years that we’ve been here, we’ve had nothing but positive experiences. The staff is absolutely amazing. They go above and beyond on a daily basis to make our kids feel loved, to ensure they are safe and thriving in their learning environments, and to keep us informed of their daily activities and progress. They are, hands-down, the most creative, patient and kind people I’ve met and we are blessed to have so many wonderful individuals serving as role models for our kids. OLB also caters to families, regardless of their situation. My husband and I both work full-time, but have still found ways to be involved in OLB and its programs. My husband serves as the treasurer of HASA, one of OLB’s two parent groups, and I volunteered as a room parent in my son’s TTT and childcare classes last year. Our involvement in these programs gave us a closer look into OLB as an organization and provided us with an even greater understanding of the dedication and commitment of the OLB staff to the success of the school, its programs, and its students. My husband and I struggle with our decision to work full-time, but that decision is made easier by seeing how much our kids love OLB. I wholeheartedly recommend OLB and would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about our experiences.” – Clark Family


  • “Selecting the right childcare for our children was one of the hardest challenges of being a parent.  We knew we would be trusting complete strangers with our children’s lives and wanted our children to be in a loving and nurturing environment.  From the moment we walked into Our Lady of Bethlehem, my husband and I felt that OLB was an extension of our home.  We were greeted by a warm friendly face and as we toured OLB, we saw teachers having fun and laughing with smiles as they interacted with children.  Since that day, our two children have joined the OLB family and each day we see that same love and energy from the staff as they interact with students.  The teachers do an amazing job of personalizing instruction and care for each child and getting to know each family personally.  The teachers and staff understand childhood development and lovingly support the kids in every stage so that the kids are successful and feel confident in their abilities.  OLB is truly a remarkable place, a place that fosters a love of learning, friendship, and relationship with God”. – Young Family


  • “There are no words to express what a blessing Our Lady of Bethlehem has been and continues to be to our family. My first experience with OLB was when I was a kindergarten student.  I had such fond memories of my days at OLB with Sister Thomasina, that there was no question where I would send my own children for preschool.  The moment I walked in the door to enroll our oldest son, Jack, I knew that my alma mater was the same loving and nurturing environment in the influence of the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus as it was when I was a student. All of our children have continued to flourish 20150520_191813at OLB.  They look forward to going to school every day.  The teachers and staff have given them self-esteem, an enthusiasm to learn new things, and to take pride in their work.  The kindergarten program has provided our oldest two children an excellent academic foundation for our parish school.   Not only are they both accelerated in literacy and mathematics, but they have been spiritually guided, taught and disciplined with love, patience and respect. They have been taught in a Christ- centered environment that instills faith and morals that will resonate with them throughout the years. My favorite example of this is when we are praying together as a family or attending Mass, my children pray along with us with sweetness, confidence and excitement. The OLB community is truly a family.  The staff and teachers show all the students love and kindness and make each of them feel precious and unique.  I am always impressed to see how they make each child feel loved and cared for which is so important especially in their first school experience.  This strong sense of community has made it so easy for me to want to get involved in the various parent volunteer organizations. The staff and parents are what make OLB a great place for the students and I am proud that I can assist in continuing the wonderful tradition that is Our Lady of Bethlehem”. – Susan Bakhshi


  • “My family’s first experience with OLB was in 2011 when our son Jimmy entered Pre-School.  His teachers were Miss Gina and Mrs. Janelle and it was evident from day one that the school and teachers were special.  With each passing month of his school year, our level of comfort and confidence in the the curriculum and staff grew.  We soon increased Jimmy’s time to include child care hours and by 2012 both of our children were full time students at OLB.
    Our son Jimmy is now a proud Class of 2014 alumni and our daughter Margaret is preparing to enter Kindergarten.  We have been so proud of our children’s academic and emotional progress in the last few years that it was an easy choice to continue their OLB careers through Kindergarten.  We truly see OLB as an extension of our family.  As working parents, we rest well at night knowing that our children are in a loving and learning environment that is driving by faith.
    The curriculum of OLB definitely put our son ahead of the curve for first grade.  I can not say enough positives about the academic structure and demands.  However, it is the spiritual development of the children that is so unique.  OLB encourages my children’s individuality while teaching them to be part of a community”. – Jaymee and Keith Zolkowski


  • ” ‘God is good!’ Not long after we joined OLB, my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter proclaimed this on our drive home from daycare.  At that moment, I knew we made the right choice in OLB!  Our family has a history with the school, as my husband and his brother had attended as children.  Once OLB opened a childcare facility, my mother-in-law urged us to consider if for our girls.  Just as it was for my husband’s family, it has been the right fit for us.  From the administrative offices continually communication of daily and upcoming events, to the happy, inviting classrooms that welcome us each morning, to the emphasis on Catholic values and education, OLB has been a blessing to us.  The energetic and creative teachers in the Childcare room have coaxed my shy girl into a talkative one who relishes getting “Elsa” braids at recess, showing us how she can write her and her sister’s names, and counting to ten in Spanish. My two-year-old daughter is in the Infant & Toddler room, where the teachers have never-ending patience.  The kind and encouraging teachers daily reinforce the need for the children to use kind words, share, and try new sensory experiences and foods. From our experience, there was no question that we’d choose OLB all over again!” Colleen Erdman



  • “Our Lady of Bethlehem has been a part of my family for over 30 years as I, as well as my brothers and sisters, had the opportunity to attend many years ago.  Now as a parent, it is hard for me to put in to words the value that was gained when we joined the “OLB family”.  Not only do they strive to deliver a Christian centered, high quality education, but they also truly care about the well being of the children, there is not much more one could ask for in school.  Time after time, day after day, I am assured through the growth of my son as a student and as a child of God that OLB is THE BEST! I only wish they had first through third!” – Colleen K. Davis


  • “After having my daughter at another school, I realized that my daughter was not getting the educational attention that I was looking for. She came from a school that was accredited and was even refereed to me by some friends. However, after having my daughter in the school for a couple months, I realized it was not educational based, like I wanted. Then I found Our Lady of Bethlehem. My daughter attended OLB in 2013 and went through Pre-K with Ms. Gina and Kindergarten with Mrs. Emily and Mrs. Audrey. After just a couple weeks in Ms. Gina’s class my daughter was shinning! She knew syllables, sight words, prayers and could start to read! As my daughter went through Kindergarten she was developing exponentially. She was being noticed by others that she is reading at a 4th grade level even though she is half way through 2nd grade. My message to other families is, if you are thinking about Our Lady of Bethlehem as your child’s school, I highly recommend it. They are the hidden gem on the hill. They are welcoming to all, even if you are not Catholic like my family. OLB is a school where you will always have a place in their hearts and they truly mean “Once and OLBer, always and OLBer”. Also, even if you do not live close to OLB, you should make the trip because it is worth it. The staff and students are wonderful, and coming from Delaware county it was a trip every morning but I’m so thankful that I did it because OLB has it and they are doing what no one else is and my daughter is living proof. – Tamela Dutcher


  • “Our three children have passed through the halls of Our Lady of Bethlehem since 2004. The strongest attribute of OLB, I believe, is its focus on academic excellence in a small, caring environment. We also appreciate the school’s attention on faith and family. Our kids have moved onto grade school with a solid foundation of preschool and kindergarten basics, and more! We have recommended OLB to many families and will do so for many years.” — Tracy Intihar


  • “Our son attended Our Lady of Bethlehem School and Childcare beginning in 2003. It has prepared him academically and socially, teaching the importance of self-respect and respect for others. He has a clear understanding of our faith and received a superb academic education. In addition, OLB has an exceptional childcare facility that offers cultural, spiritual and academic enrichment. We have never questioned our choice to send our son to Catholic school and are extremely grateful we found Our Lady of Bethlehem.” — Steve and Felecia Krakowka


  • IMG952635“As parents of 4 OLB alumni, the most striking thing about OLB is the nurturing each child receives. Small class sizes allow increased individual attention for each student. This is evident in the atmosphere within the school, and continues through to the parents. As a parent it is easy to recognize this even in the few minutes of conversation that
    pass while children are dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon. We can definitely say that our children who’ve graduated from OLB have been excellently prepared academically for primary school, their transition was seamless. Thank you to OLB for giving our children such a wonderful
    education.” — Kevin and Anita Schroeder


  • “Our boys have been fortunate enough to spend the last several summers at OLB.  We feel that OLB has allowed our boys to experience summers filled with fun & faith as well as learning.  We are both full-time working parents and knowing that our boys are in such good hands gives us comfort throughout the work day.  The boys never complain about OLB for the summer, and they cannot wait to go again this summer!” — The Crissinger Family