Families considering Our Lady of Bethlehem for their child pose many wonderful and valuable questions during visits, tours and phone inquiries. We hope these answers to those most frequently asked will offer some assistance to you.

What is our curriculum and philosophy of teaching?

Our Lady of Bethlehem’s curriculum was originally incepted by the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus of the Netherlands. Based on the concept that children learn best in a loving, nurturing and structured environment, our multifaceted curriculum weaves the state standards, the diocesan course of study and the idea that children can learn beyond the normal expectations for their age if properly prepared and challenged. Within our curriculum, students are given multiple options for taking in information and making sense of ideas. Our instructional approach varies and is adapted based on the individual and diverse students in our classrooms. This flexibility allows for the curriculum and presentation of information to work for the learner and does not require the learner to modify themselves for the curriculum

What is our guidance and discipline policy?

Our approach to guidance and discipline stems from the basic Christian belief that we should treat others as we want to be treated. Applying a constructivist approach, faculty and staff actively listen to and speak with students regarding an incident or situation related to behavior. A student may be put in a “time out” or be asked to “take a break” if he/she has exhibited negative behavior. In addition to modeling desired behaviors, faculty and staff will work with any and all students involved to help them express feelings, come up with ways to change behaviors and learn to make independent and positive choices

Do you have to be Catholic to attend Our Lady of Bethlehem?

Although Our Lady of Bethlehem is a private, Catholic school and childcare, we welcome children and families of all faiths. Our students do participate in practices, rituals and celebrations of our faith. Our facility displays many symbols and icons of our faith. Parents may request that a child not participate in a particular event or practice

How do we handle chronic health & severe allergy issues for our students?

Our Lady of Bethlehem makes every possible accommodation in regards to the health and safety of all students. We ask that parents provide as much medical information to us as early as possible – even before a child begins in our school or childcare – so that we can best prepare for the child’s time with us. In regards to medical conditions, we will administer prescription medications once the proper documentation has been completed by health officials and/or parents. In regards to food allergies, we may declare a classroom or area of the facility “free” from foods or food products to which a child is severely allergic. Parents may be asked to provide alternate foods for their child, especially for snack time, class parties, etc. Faculty and staff carefully monitor students with chronic or severe health conditions and allergies

What is flexible childcare?

Our childcare is unique in that it allows families to participate on a full- or part-time basis and are given the opportunity to set their own weekly schedule for use of the childcare facility. Families may change their schedule three times in an academic year. We make every effort to accommodate the incidental needs of families for drop-in childcare

Why should I keep my child at Our Lady of Bethlehem for Kindergarten when he/she can make the switch to our K-8 school now?

We believe Our Lady of Bethlehem offers students the best preparation for lifelong learning. Statistics show that students who successfully complete our

Kindergarten program have an academic advantage. Our small class sizes allow for individualized learning and attention to social and emotional

growth. Faculty and staff are experienced in teaching the very young child, and Kindergarten is the capstone of that process. Our Lady of Bethlehem Kindergarten students are the only students of that age who participate in standardized testing as just one measure of their academic success

Where do most of our students attend school after completing Kindergarten at Our Lady of Bethlehem?

The majority of our students attend their parish schools after Kindergarten. At present, most of our families are members of these parishes: St. Timothy, Immaculate Conception, St. Agatha, Our Lady of Peace, St. Michael and St. Andrew, but other families represent about ten additional parishes. Some students do go on to attend Columbus or their suburban district public schools

What is the definition of toilet-learned?

Students attending Our Lady of Bethlehem are expected to know when they need to use the restroom and be able to ask to do so. Students may not wear diapers or pull-ups to school or childcare. Students have the opportunity to use the restroom whenever there is a need. Additionally, classroom schedules provide ample occasion to do the same. We also encourage students to independently practice toileting and dressing skills.

If my child is enrolled in childcare but is not a napper, what will he/she do during nap time at Our Lady of Bethlehem?

Young children require a great deal of rest, especially when they have exerted themselves physically, emotionally and cognitively. Totally Terrific Two’s, Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten students present in childcare after lunch and recess do participate in nap or rest time from 12:45-2:15 pm. Each child has a specific cot that he/she uses each day. Families are encouraged to send in a small pillow, blanket and stuffed animal for comfort. Staff members ensure conditions in the nap classroom are conducive to rest and rejuvenation and are adept at assisting children to settle in and rest. Students are not required to sleep but are expected to remain on their cots without disturbing those around them. Students who do not fall asleep during nap time may quietly look at books on their cot.